Dropdown select associated objects in a listview

Hi,   I have the following domain model  I want to create a table/listview of File entities which looks like this: And in this view I would like to be able to specify the version of the file I want to download but directly in the view, if possible using something like dropdown.   I tried using a listview  and I've tried adding  a dropdown in the listview but the problem is that I can't reach the version entities through the dropdown even though there is a one to many relationship in between them. Thanks, Marcian.
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Hi Marcian,

In the dropdown you cannot select the version, because it is a one to many association and in the dropdown you select only one.

Perhaps you can have another association to specify the version to download that is a one to one?

You can of course also add a helper object (non-persistent) that has this association, but you need to store somewhere the version that the user selects.

Hope this helps!




Your association is going wrong way. 


In order to choose Version for your file you need to create association from  File to Version. 

Association should be One File object is associated with multiple Version object.