Notification for different user when pressed a button

Hello everyone,   So my fellow students and I are making an app to assess quotations. We would like to send a message to the user (Customer) when his quotation is accepted by the manager of sales. So when the user (Customer) logs on, we want to show him a message that his quotation has been assessed.  So we managed the approval of quotations with a button (Microflow) that changed the status of the quotation, this status shows up on a page on the user (Customer) site, but we also want a notification to notify the customer instantly when they log on.   Thanks in advance, Students off avans school.   
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Hello Stijn,

What you can do is create an entity ‘Notification’ (attached to Account/User) that gets filled whenever you want it. So in your case for example when the quotation is accepted for a specific user, you create a new notification object and connect it to the right user.

Then after the login from you check (retrieve) whether there is a notification for this specific user and if so, you show one with a pop-up.

Good luck!