How to select multiple values for one object with association?

Hi, I have 2 entities i.e. Package and Booking and created an association between them. So I want to add multiple bookings of customers for one Tourist package. and I have created one page where I have taken textbox for adding booking data and when I will click on add more button more textbox field should appear to add multiple data and when i click on save button all bookings are save for one particular package. so How to achieve this senario?
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In your domain model, right-click entity Package and select ‘Generate overview pages’. In the popup also select ‘Booking’. This will generate a page ~_Overview and ~_NewEdit for each of them, and and menu.

On your page Package_Overview, add a dataview with as ‘Datasource‘: ‘Listen to datagrid’.

In that dataview add a datagrid with datasource ‘over association’. Set it to Booking_Package->Booking.

To the buttons ‘New’ and ‘Edit’ add you page Booking_NewEdit