I as a developer would like to see the open project dialog in Studio Pro fixed, so that I can actually work with it!

Change the open project dialog screen to something that is workable. I just wonder who came up with the idea that changing a screen into some unworkable is an improvement.  Change back to old screen, that what I would prefer or  Make it possible to resize the dialog. Make it possible to resize the columns. 
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How about disabling the "New version of My Apps screen"? (Edit – Preferences... – New features tab)


 Weird. In my experience it is an improvement. The pro’s:

  • nicer overview of the latest opened apps
  • easier searching
  • it is visible if you have it downloaded or not,
  • easier to choose a brancline.

But I do agree about your resizing suggestions. Mendix has a tendency to limit us to little popups for no apparent reason.


Why do old men always complain about new things ;)