9.12 Crashing on context menu (Windows 11)

Hi!  I’m a longtime user of Mendix 7 but trying out the latest version to see what we’ve been missing out on.  So far I’m liking what I see, but it is totally unusable because Studio Pro crashes to the desktop ‘randomly’ when I right-click.    It seems fairly inconsistent, in that I can edit for a while fine with lots of context menu usage, but then it will freeze up and close the app.  This has happened on opening a context menu, and on clicking ‘find usages’, ‘go to attribute’ and other entries.   I’ve disabled the AI stuff and added a big delay on error checking in case it was either of those tasks, but to no avail.   Has anyone else encountered this?   Thanks, Dom   p.s. 9.12.0 isn’t available as a studio version below for reporting this?!
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There is a 9.12.1 just around the corner. The 9.12.0 has indeed some bugs.





Some of the feature since Mx7:

- interfaces, way easier now

- nanoflows

- native mobile builder


- workflow

- Styling in the IDE, including Atlas3 and module-specific styling

- Git

to name a few...