Mendix e-mail template whitespace

Hi all I’m facing difficulties styling my e-mail templates. For some kind of reason, the resulting HTML text is always adding paragraphs instead of line breaks. This leads to much whitespace which we do not need. Is there some kind of easy way to avoid all those breaks and replace them with line breaks?   Also each time you make an adaption to the text all of the text is reconverted to HTML and everything is again with breaks …   Kind regards   Kevin
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I duplicated the EmailTemplate_NewEdit and added an extra tab to it. 

In that tab I use a Text area widget to show the HtmlBody attribute. This allows you to have complete control of the HTML instead of the limited rich text widget.


HI Stefan


Thanks for your quick reply. This was something I already implemented but I am not keen of making changes manually for each template we have. We have like 20 templates and the moment a user makes a change in the ‘simple html’ tab, all of the formatting in the HTML body is back to default (so all of your custom html code is lost).

It is also not possible for a ‘business user’ to write the new text in the html body if they do not have knowledge to do. 

So therefor I am looking for a more user friendly solution.

Your solution though is a nice point to start.


Kind regards


Hi Stefan


Thanks for the suggestion. I think this might be a workable solution for us. I will test it out and let you know the outcome.


Many thanks.