Time Series - s.isPersistable is not a function

Hey guys, I have a time series widget that listens to a list. The widget worked fine in Mendix 8, now I am on 9.6.9 and this error shows up for the widget: “s.isPersistable is not a function TypeError: s.isPersistable is not a function     at http://localhost:8080/widgets/com/mendix/widget/custom/TimeSeries/TimeSeries.js 637849304975172697:1:176862 at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)” Does anybody know how to solve this?
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Have you tried checking if a newer version exists for your Mendix version 9.6.9? It’s hard to tell without knowing exactly which widget you are referring to.

If you go to the widget’s marketplace page you may also be able to access the GitHub page where you can check for updates and submit issues.