On the issue of bloat in Git local repositories

Are you using Git support (beta feature)? We are using Git for one of our projects, and we are having problems with the bloat of the local Git repository. The project folder in Mendix is bloated because Git keeps the history in a local .git folder. On our current project, the Mendix project file (mpr file) is about 160MB in file size, and it seems that every time someone on the team commits, the project folder is growing by 160MB. We started using it in early March, and as of today, the project folder has already ballooned to 17 GB. It can take several hours to import it locally. I think that because Git manages binary files (*.mpr), it is not possible to save diffs, and each commit consumes disk space only for the size of the mpr file. Is there any way to make the file size of the Git local repository smaller? For example, is it possible to use Git LFS?  
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I'm using Git (beta) for a project too, but I don't see the same behaviour.

My project (mpr) file is around 150MB. I've done a few commits with minor changes and with each commit my .git folder grows by about 5MB.

Have you checked the contents of your .gitignore?