Java script code editor not working, Freezed, not responsive to key press

Hi, I have an issue in mendix studio pro . ( using 9.11.0 ). I have created a Java script action , when I try to open Code tab , Code is not showing and loading icon showing for a half circle then freezed ( As shown in below screen shot). Then If go back to Settings tab then come again , on that time it shows the code but when i Write code my key press does not reflect in the screen. again If I move to settings and come back then my text was inserted . Can anyone suggest me how overcome this. I think this will be some graphic or configuration needs to be done
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Hi vijayakumar,

This issue seems to be related to this older forum post

I will say that a member of my team currently experiences this issue for login and various page views on all versions of Mendix 9 and none of the solutions in the linked post worked for them.  So hopefully that is not the case for you, but it does seem like this issue is computer/hardware specific.

If it is only happening on the js code tab, a quick solution is to just edit the javascript file directly in the directory of the project inside of the javascriptsource folder.


Hope something here helps you move forward


Danny Kumpf