Dropdown refresh issue

Hi Team, I have below screen in that having one button onclick of that it adding one row in datagrid with some dropdown and textbox fields. after I select 1st row Buyer dropdown field it binding data to 2nd client dropdown field basis on the relation. but when I tried to select 2nd row dropdown  it refreshing the 1st row selection. so i unable to store the multiple rows data. Refresh should not happen for other row.  In this datagrid onchange of 1st dropdown binding data two 2nd column.     After running facing refresh issue
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HI Priyanka Awari,

It depends on your domain model, probably you are using the same entity in these two dropdowns. 
So  when you change one attribute (you change also the object of the entity) therefore the other attributes on the same view will change by consequence.
Could you show us the domain model please?