Importing Modules/Packages of Higher versions into applications of lower versions of Mendix Studio pro.

I am working on an Onboarding application in Mendix studio pro 9.0.5. There is a requirement  to send system generated emails in my application(for eg: if an employee accepts or rejects the offer, a system generated mail should go automatically to the concerned manager). I found that Email Service module would be a right fit for my job. But the problem is that the email service module is based on Mendix version 9.5.0. I am getting an error saying ” the package could not be imported because it was created with a newer version of mendix” when I try to import  the package in my onboarding application. What should I do in this situation?
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It sounds like you’re trying to import this module from another version of Studio Pro instead of just downloading it directly from the app store in your project. Unless the version of that Email Service module that is in the other Mendix version has been modified, and you need exactly that version, you can just download that module directly into the your project in 9.0.5.