No UserTaskView object available for `User Task`, and, an error occured during user assignment.

I followed the academy sample “Build a Powerful Workflow”.  I started one workflow about “onboarding” as HR.  But I can not assign the user task to “manager”. When pressed the button “Assign to me”, it popups one windows with the message  as below: "An error occured during user assignment. Please contact your system administrator". The log details as below: our system administrator". 查看后台的错误日志信息是:No UserTaskView object available for `User Task`. Please check if the event microflows have been configured in the App Settings. I checked the app setting, but did find the setting related to microflow. I have no ideas how to fix it.  
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Hi Xiaoyi,

See and/or the ‘Readme’ snippet in the Workflow Commons module for some more info on how to set-up these event microflows. This should solve this error.

Hope this helps!


This should fix it:

  • Dashboards and metrics in Workflow Commons v2.1.0 and above depend on state change microflows. Make sure to configure the following state change microflows in the App Settings > Workflows tab:
    • Set Workflow state change to OCh_Workflow_State
    • Set User task state change to OCh_WorkflowUserTask_State