Team Server Credentials to solve conflict with SVN

Hi Mendix community, I have a merge conflict in my project and it seems that the conflict can not be solved with the Mendix modeler. Now I want to try it wit SVN. The problem now is I have to login to the Team Server. In the docu it says I could login with my Mendix User and passwort, but I do not have credentials because I login to Mendix with SSO. Do you have an idea, how do I get credentials to the team server or am I on the wrong path?   Best regards Sai
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Indeed this is a limitation of the bring-your-own-IDP SSO solution as discussed here:

Once you move to the Git Team Server, you’ll be able to use access tokens instead. I also heard SVN might get access token support.

The simplest solution I know of right now is to invite another Mendix account to the project that doesn’t use SSO. That could be another person or just another account for you under a different email domain. That user could access SVN normally using their email and password.


Hi Eric,

Thanks for your fast response. Too bad that there is not a solution yet.

But the workaround sounds great. I was googeling for a solution almost a whole day :D