How to add decimals values, comma separator values in integer value field?

Hi all, I have one value field which contains only integer values If I enter any decimal value it shows an invalid number error. But If I enter any decimal value for example 1200.23 this value should be acceptable. and if I enter a 10,00,000 value it should also be accepted into the value field. so anyone know how to achieve these scenario?  
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You try to push a square through a circle hole.

An integer attribute will only accept whole numbers. If you need decimal numbers, use the decimal attribute type.



Hey Madhura,

I think you are looking for a Decimal value, with a decimal you can have 8 digits after the decimal point.

I'm pretty sure that Mendix doesn't allow to use comma's as a input, but with the option “group digits” you can show the value as 10,000,000 on your page.