sorting listviews by 2 attributes

Hello,   I have a List View ordered by createdDate (descending), and a HeaderSort widget which sorts said listview by Status (descending), though it’s not initial sorted. So unless initially, and unless I select the HeaderSort, the listview appears only sorted by createdDate (descending).   So, initially, as I said, the List View appears ordered only by createdDate (descending). If I press the HeaderSort, it’ll be ordered by Status (ascending) first and dateCreated (ascending). If I press the HeaderSort again, it’ll order by Status (descending) first and createdDate (descending).   The problem is that I want the dateCreated to always be descending even when ordering by Status (both ascending and descending). Is this possible or will it always switch when I select the HeaderSort?   Currently using Mendix 9.6.11.   Cheers, Cristiana.
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