Push Notifications

We are trying to implement Push Notifications in our mobile app so we followed the steps in these two documents: https://docs.mendix.com/howto8/mobile/implementation-guide/ https://docs.mendix.com/howto8/mobile/setting-up-apple-push-notification-server/ After following those two documents we went to test with the steps below.  When we go to Push Notifications Admin page, not devices are listed.  Did we miss a step if no devices are listed? Sending a Push Notification to a Device Follow these steps to test and send a push notification to a device: Open your application in the browser and sign in as administrator (for example, MxAdmin`). To be able to sign in into your hybrid mobile application, you will need to create a new user. Typically, this can be done from the administration pages of your application. If you have anonymous access enabled, this step is of course not necessary. Open your hybrid mobile app and sign in. If you are testing offline-mode, click the sync button to send the pending device registration request to the server. Open the Push Notifications Administration page. Back in the administrator view of your web application, navigate to the Devices tab in the Push Notifications administration page. Here you should see one device in the list of registered devices, which is the device that you used to sign in to your hybrid mobile application. Continue by selecting the device and click New Message. Fill in the title and the message in the form and press Send. Your device should receive a new push notification. If your hybrid mobile app is currently running in the foreground, the notification will be displayed in the app. Otherwise, it will be shown as a standard push notification.    
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