Datagrid 2 filtering problems

Hello everyone,  I would like to filter something in a datagird 2.    This is the situation:   I set the Collum of the Datagrid2 to custom content. In which i put a galary with multiple Tags(shown as badge).   The issue is: I want to be able to filter the customers based on their tags. like in the next screenshot: But i cant get a dropdown selector(multi select enabled) working in a datagrid2..   Anyone knows how to fix this? Thanks in advance!  :)  
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The datagrid text filter does not support filtering string attributes over a one-to-many association. 

A workaround would be to add a string attribute (e.g. searchTags) to the customer entity, which contains all the selected tags. You can then use a text filter on the string attribute to search through the tags.   The downside is that this attribute should be updated with an onchange microflow, each time a tag is added or removed.