PWA Push Notification

Hello everyone, I would like to implement Push Notification in my PWA App, but unfortunately I can't get any further and can't really find the informations I'm looking for. I tried a simple test where when the button Notification is pressed the nanoflow is executed. Unfortunately I only get the error message "An error occurred, please contact your system administrator". I have tested it with “Chrome” and “https” which should work according to documentation. Has anyone already had experience with this topic and can help me?    Thanks in advance!   Regards Fynn
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Hello Fynn


The “Display Notification” activity is part of the “Native Mobile Resources” module and therefore unfortunatelly cannot be used in a WebApplication, because it’s based on the package “react-native-push-notification”, only available on iOS and Android



You can try to use the module Web Push Notifications, which it seems to be a little outdated.


Good luck!


Hi Fynn,

I would like to do the same thing. Any ideas how to?