System.FileDocument Name Attribute issue via Published REST Service POST Request

Hello, I hope you are doing well!   I am coming to you with the following issue I have. This VersionFileDocument is a generalization of a System.FileDocument. What I want to do is to create a Publised REST Service with a POST request that has as a parameter type body.    The body  parameter has the following details:  The microflow that gets triggered has the following details: At the end event of the microflow I return the VersionFileDocument(System.FileDocument)  name attribute. Using postman I try to send a file as binary in the following manner: The problem is that the name of the file is empty    Is there any way to read the name from the binary form?  Thanks, Marcian.
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Is there any specific reason for you sending in binary format?  if not you can  try sending Files in Base 64 format , since we have java action in community commons module to convert a Base64 to a Mendix file object and vice versa. The implementation is also easy.