Need to close popup after clicking Link Button

Hi everyone, I am stuck in a scenario where I am unable to close a popup page after clicking Link button. Kindly help me with a work around.
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Hi Veluru, 


What you can do is call a nanoflow with a custom JavaScript snippet that has 1 input parameter called url.

Then put this code snippet in your custom JavaScript action:, '_blank').focus();

Make sure that the url in the code snippet is your input parameter.

After that do a close page action in your nanoflow call. 


The resulting nanoflow would look like this:


And the JavaScript code looking like this:


Set the action of the link button to call a nanoflow

Create a new nanoflow which has

  1. Action open url
  2. Action close page


Your nanoflow will require a input parameter with object of you popup page, so that you can use url value of object attribute


In Link button ,on click event >call microflow in that microflow first use close page activity  and then continue your flow.