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Hello everyone,   I Would like to add a "like-button” on my page with a count.   I am not so experienced!
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Maybe Jaap van Leeuwens answer can help you along:

I hope this helps.


Hi Dominick,

  • Create a attribute ‘Like’ as a boolean in domain model
  • Call a button on the page where you want the like button
  • Configure the on click action of that button to a microflow
  • In that microflow call two activities i.e “create variable” and “change variable”
  • Add a decision prior to the activities
  • configure the “create variable” as ‘count’ and “change variable” as ‘count+1’
  • Everytime the boolean value is true it will count +1 else it will take -1
  • Set the stored value as false

Hope it helps.