Display Names of two entities in one List View

  Hello, I have two entities which both contain the “Name” as attributes. I want to display all “Name” entries of both entities combied in one List View I tried to combine both entities with a “parent” entity and 1 to * associations but it didn’t work for me… Thanks in advance
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There are several ways to achieve this:

Lets say you have two entities (A) and (B) both contain an attribute called name.

- Have a third entity (C) that has an 1-1 associations to A and B, create an instance of C for each instance of A with the association to A set, create an instance of C for each instance of B with the association to B set. List this entity (C) and show the data via the associations (you can add conditional visibility based on the condition if the association is not empty)

- Have a non persistent entity (D) with attribute name, create an instance of (D) for each instance of A and for each instance B. Copy the value name to the attribute name on the NPE and list this NPE entity

- Have a specialization entity with the attribute name and let A and B inherit from this entity


It really depends on the use case, the amount of changes, where it is displayed which option makes more sense