Design Mode does not work interactively

Currently starting to learn how to use Mendix. Maybe the related issue as a back story would help:   I was facing the resolution issue both with Studio Pro Version 9.5 and 9.13. Was able to log in by typing my credentials blindly.    However, after creating a blank app, I found out that the design mode does not work interactively. Every time I have to switch to structure mode and back to design mode, just to see any changes update. Also, clicking on elements in design mode does not highlight the element, nor show any way to interact, e.g. drag and drop a column.  Basically, once the design mode has been loaded, it does not get updated anymore.   Regarding the workaround mentioned in the other question post: My laptop does not show any hardware acceleration option in the register, thus I can’t really turn anything off I guess.
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