How to make Listview items dependent on text box

Hey guys, so I have a listview that searches on a certain. I also have a text box (circled in red) that is assigned to that attribute and listens to widget. Now what I want to achieve is to only show the data where that attribute is right after klicking the search button. So kind of like an xpath constraint but dependent on what the user puts in that input field. One way to do this would be to transfer the input text to the search filter (circled in blue) but I am not sure if this is possible. Does anybody have an idea? Thanks in advance!
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In fact, you have created your own search form. To use the values of that search form into the listview, this listview must use the search entity from your search form. You have to implement the search by yourself in the listview datasource. That's possible by using an XPath, microflow or nanoflow. Depending on how deep you want to search over the assiociations.

Put the listview into the dataview with your search entity. Go to the datasource of the listview and create a microflow as datasource. The search entity wil be a parameter of the microflow. Each time you refresh the search entity (e.g. by committing or using the refresh object activity) the datasource microflow will be triggered to deliver new data. In the microflow you can add a retrieve and use the search terms from your search entity to find the corresponding items.