Changes done in Studio Pro not updating on my scss

i am very new to mendix and still learning my way around. i am editing the app both in studio pro (9.13) and i have the custom-variables.scss file open in vs code in which i am using that to edit as well. if i make changes on the scss sheet i am able to show them in studio pro by schronizing the app directory however if i make changes directly in studio pro i do not see a way to update them on my disk. is there a way of doing this so i can quickly see changes?
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Hi Corina,


Simply saving the document (ctrl + s) or file → Save should make the changes in the files on your disk directly when editing the scss files in studio pro.

If you do not save, the change only lives in studio pro.


Make sure that you have the correct file open in vs code by right-clicking it in Studio Pro:

Allthough, if you make a change in vs code, save it, and in Studio Pro press F4-synch with local directory, and that change is visible, then you should be working in the same file.