Migrate from 9.6.7 to 9.12.0

Hello everyone, I am having plan migrating my application from Mendix “9.6.7” to “9.12.0”. In order to prepare for it, I had searched on Mendix document pages as well as searching on the forum. Unfortunately, I could not find any solution or document about this issue. Does anybody have experience in this issue and/or known any problem that I will face if do the migration?  
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Generally, when upgrading your Mendix application between minor versions (so not Mendix 8 to Mendix 9, for instance) you can simply read the Release Notes for each version to make sure that there are no breaking changes, and so you can see deprecations and other important notes.

Other than what's mentioned in the release notes, upgrading is a matter of:

  1. Making sure you have no open changes, that is, everything is committed
  2. Opening your Mendix application in the new version and when Studio Pro asks you to convert in place, say yes.
  3. Solve any errors or things mentioned in the release notes
  4. Commit
  5. After you're done, it's usually worth checking if there are any upgrades to your marketplace modules / widgets

It is a good habbit to upgrade always to the latest LTS or MTS release. In this case upgrade to 9.12.2