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Hey Guys, why don’t we do or create application directly in studio pro and why we go from studio to studio pro? You guys could you please guide me with your answers  
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Hey Keerthisree, 

You can create APP in both studio and studio pro as well. if you create it in studio you can also open it in studio pro, if you create it in studio pro , By default your app can’t be opened in studio. You have to manually enable studio from the app settings. Studio pro is for advance development and studio is for review designs and minimal development ;)  Hope it helps



Mendix Studio and Studio Pro are meant for two different developer profiles.

For the full explanation see the Mendix evaluation guide page about the two developer profiles and the two Studios.

  • Studio is tailored for people from the business, so called Citizen developers; It can be used to build business apps and workflow automations on your own.
    • Studio can also be used by the citizen developers to collaborate together on an app with an IT team using Studio Pro. The underlying app model is compatible with both Studios.
  • Studio Pro is targeted to technical developers, often professional devs within the IT department of a company. Studio Pro contains more advanced features.

Dear Sangu,


As mentioned above, apps can both be initiated in Sudior or in Pro version. A reason you might want to initiate it in Studio, or convert it from Pro to Studio version – which can also be done – is because it is a fast, easy way to work with themes and logos for some front-end tweaking without having to write specific CSS classes of your own. This is also why the learning path for Rapid Developer level will make you go about it that way.

So apart from that, I’d say that you can choose whatever IDE fits you best and develop in it and possibly never use the other one. For professional development, however, you’ll find that Pro is definitely the one you’ll be working in, so is the best choice to get to know as good as possible, as soon as possible.