displaying an counted number of objects in Enumeration field in label

Hi, I need to count how many object with value x are inside my enumeration field. Next i’d like to display that number in a label. So i thought I place the label inside a data view, source of data view is microflow and inside the microflow i retrieve all objects with status x and then count then and give this number back as output of the microflow. But yeah that doesn’t work it says to me Microflow does not return an object. Maybe someone have me an idea how to solve it.
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Hi Nico,
You can Create a Non-Persistable Object A and create an Attribute for Count and inside your Ds Microflow after you have calculated the Count  create the Object A and set the Count value to the Attribute in the Entity A and return the object A. In the Data view you pass the count Attribute and display it.
For your Reference:

Hope it Helps !! 


Hi Nico,

Instead of returning the number from the microflow, return the object from the microflow which can then be used as a source for your dataview. The error should go away with this.

To show the count use the attribute in the label which would already be set in your object.

Hope this helps. Good luck!