Date and Time vs Calculated Data Chart

So I have been wrestling with charts all day today, and am attempted to create a column chart to compare the total amount of “PR” items in a database against non-quality PRs, and I want to display them in a chart based on the Month/Year they were submitted. However the current method I am using causes my dates to not display as Month/Year, but as a random stretch based on the graph’s size it seems. The data is pulled from a PR entity via microflow, in which PRs are stored by month (int), and year (int). (Not changeable it’s what I am having to work with atm). There isn’t any days stored, so I don’t want to show them in my charts. I am not sure where I can fine tune these settings. I am hoping there is a solution without having to dive into JSON. Eventually I want to be able to change the chart to fit filters such as specific date ranges and attributes, so a solution that leads me in that direction would be awesome.   Thanks as always. This community has been a huge help this summer. Shaun  
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Hi Shaun,

I would first focus on the DateTime Dynamic series as that would get you closer to the end goal: 

If getting stuck, I see your reaction here.