File Dropper widget

Hi, I am using the file dropper widget in my application. When I upload multiple files, I am calling a microflow on commit. I observe that parallelly 6 microflows are getting triggered. I am using assigning an order (number) as an attribute for the object along with the file name. as the microflows are called parallelly it creates duplicate sort orders. is there any way that I can change the parallel to a sequential in the widget settings?   Thanks in advance
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Hi Venkat,

I would Suggest to Use Before Commit microflow on Entity A which is Fil.DocumentGeneralized instead of Calculating your Logic In the onCommit Flow of Widget Settings. 
In your Before Commit Microflow use IsNew($Entity A) inside a Split , if it is true then do your logic, this will help you to create number for new objects.

Hope it Helps!!