Display count of rows on TabContaine

Hi Genius,   I’m using TabContainer in a page. Each tab have a Data Grid widget which shows the request of different status. I want to display the count of request along with Tab caption on each tab on a Tab Container. Could you please suggest me how to implement this functionality.   Many thanks in advance
1 answers
  • Create an entity (for example: TabStats) that has an attribute per tab
  • Calculate the value per attribute (e.g. perform retrieve + aggregate list (count)) for each of the tabs  and store the value on that entity
    (or make the attribute virtual, usually not recommended)
  • Upon opening the page with the tabs execute a microflow that creates (or retrieves) TabStats and execute the above calculations, pass the object to the page
  • Show the TabStats in a DataView (page paramater)
  • Add the tabs in the dataview
  • Select properties > Select tab > Show badge > Select the attribute for the badge