Parent - Child / Dealing with 1:* on a page (infinite)

Hi Everyone,   I’m setting up a project where we have one Root item followed by several childs. Each of these childs can in turn have their own childs, with their own childs and so on with no maximum of levels defined.   I want my users to see a list of parents and then be able to select one of the childs. Upon selecting child it should then should again show the list of childs belonging to this child and so on.   How should I set my page up to achieve this? When creating a snippet which holds the parent as context, a list view as childs (for example), and then put the same snippet in that one, it quickly throws the ‘cycle detected’ error.   I’ve looked at the Tree Node as well but that only litteraly gives me a drill down list of items. I need to be able and expand the selected items..   Thanks!  
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Hi Bas,

I had this same problem a while back, check out this forum post to see if you can make it work:

Also make sure to upvote this idea