Remember me function in login page

Hello guys! Just wondering if I can implement a remember function as my Responsive Web App requires such a function, so users do not have to sign in every time. I understand a lot of forum posts have covered this, I looked through but I am looking at a RWA instead of mobile app. Also SSO is not an option for me as I do not wish users to sign up for a Mendix account.  Thanks everyone.
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Hi Phoebe,

Take a look at the below mendix blog for Autologin with deeplink

Hope it helps!!!


I would advice against the application itself providing the remember-me function. Anyway you implement this, is a security breach. That goes for any of the solutions and suggestions that you have read so far, and in the future.

The third parties suggested by Lennart are therefor a more viable alternative, since they do actually authenticate the user. Downside is that you have to rely on a third-party.

If you don’t want that, then your only alternative is handle it client-side. Like using the browser’s password-storage. Or a password-tools like keepass, which has nice ways of logging when arriving at your login-page.


Normally the browser should be able to handle the autofilling of credentials. Some managed browsers however don’t allow this for security reasons.

There are several alternatives you could consider, to name a few:

  1. Authenticate against a third party identity provider (such as facebook or google). The OIDC module is very usefull for this. 
  2. You can customise your own login page and make use of the nanoflow actions found in the nanoflow commons module to store and retrieve the credentials from the local storage on each visit. This works well if security is not an issue.