Ways to make a local persistable entity? - Dealing with simultaneous users

I am attempting to make a data dashboard, which includes a bunch of charts displaying different attributes of a database. At the top, I need to have several filters to restrict my data, and when one is filter is selected, I delete all the other filters of that type before creating the new one (Ex. Selecting a new employee will delete the previous SelectedEmployee, and then create a new one). This works fine at the moment, and I can use a listview below to show the current selection. Here is my question. When the app is published and there are multiple users, won’t they be overriding each others SelectedEntities? Multiple different types of filters can be applied at once, so if someone selects a family and then another selects an employee, on page refresh wouldn’t both be selected for the second user? I am not 100% sure how the “Commit”, Refresh in client, Mendix vs. database commit work, but I believe when the microflow ends the new SelectedEntity will go to the database regardless. Is there a way to make the entity a “per user” or ‘local” persistable entity? I have tried to accomplish these filters using non-persistables but couldn’t find a way to get it done since the page needs to refresh and charts need to use that data.   If there is any questions or other parts of my model you would like to see, please let me know. Thanks, Shaun  
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Hi Shaun,

I can think of 2 options, either you create a non-persistent Entity that you use to set the filters and populate them using a Microflow and the GUI or you create an association between the user Entity and the Entity to set the filter. in that case, the user just commits his/her filters. 


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