Save Multiple Dates at once.

Hi all,   I'm trying to make an Schedule Application for a customer but can't solve this problem. I can put in multiple dates with de datepicker like 16/06/2022;17/06/2022;18/06/2022 but when I hit the save button only the last date will be saved. Is there a possibility to save all the dates at once?    Hope you can help me.   Thanks!
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Thi cannot be done using a date picker, as this is linked with a single attribute, which can only store a single date. Just like you can only enter a single date in a single cell of an excel sheet. ( if you achieve more, then it is a string and not a date ;-) )


Solution is to add a extra entity “Date” to your domain model and a option in the page to add a extra date in your appointment. Each time creating a new Date Object