Mendix 9.12.2 Design Mode Error

Hi my fellow Mendixers, I’ve just encountered an error in Mendix which displays upon trying to view the Design Mode of a page. This results in the Design Mode view staying completely blank and it fails for all possible pages I try to open in Design Mode. All I wanted to do is preview the design of my page and try out some live styling changes, but this is not possible now.   This is the error. And here it is in plain text: System.InvalidOperationException: Exception reported from web editor: TypeError: e.cssFiles.includes is not a function     at http://localhost:53047/webEditors/main.js:2:5306638     at t (http://localhost:53047/webEditors/main.js:2:5306760)     at async Promise.all (index 0)     at async Function.createLoaded (http://localhost:53047/webEditors/main.js:2:6305649)     at async Object.fI [as renderPageEditor] (http://localhost:53047/webEditors/main.js:2:6307836)   Anyone have an idea on how to solve this or where the problem may be? Cheers!
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Hey there, this might be a bug that no one has encountered before, design mode is not often used on a regular bases.

Try sending a ticket to mendix regarding the issue :)