user roles - only selecting one

my app uses system.userroles entity. i want to only give the option to only select one user role. when i use the administration.Account_New  page (i know not best practice to use the administration modules but for now that is how i have it configured), it has the user roles selector as an input reference set selector which pops up the page administration.userRole_select which allows for the user to select more than one user role.   i’d like to be able to have a dropdown there in the account_new page and avoid the popup altogether. does anyone know how this can be done? because the reference selector doesnt pull user roles and i cannot alter sytem domain models. if this cannot be done, how can i have the administration.userRole_select page allow for only one selection 
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Hi Corina ,

I don't know if there is an alternative answer to your question, but you can make sure with the help of microflow that only one user role is selected. You can add a before commit event handler to your Entity. I'm leaving a link below that can be an example of this. I hope it helps