write Xpath constraint in chart retrive from database

Hello All, Onboarding config will be master data - master data means admin should able to add edit and delete these activities from UI 2. For each member there should be a separate onboarding checklist ... specific to that member [ as for every member checklist status will be different] 3. From onboarding config activity list admin should able to select required activity for particular member, against selected list admin will create the checklist for that member please help me with how to implement this USE CASE we onboarding configuration activities like test , drive something like this and in onboarding checklist, we have name, activity , status(yes, no)   
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Hi All

i know the access role, and how to implement the checklist for an activity?


Hellp Hashitha,

Without quite enough information here(and a very specific use case), it sounds a bit like you’re actually looking for a couple different solutions.

  1. Access to editing and deleting objects should be handled through the Security of that object. The retrieval of that data via XPath isn’t the proper time to handle this.
  2. Xpath, however, can be used in that Security setting to designate exactly what you’re looking for – the Admin role having access to specific associated paths from that object.


Try reviewing the security documentation below.

Defining the Access Rules on the Order Entity Using XPath