Filter for empty entries in DataGrid 2

Hello together, is it possible in DataGrid2 to search for empty entries with the textfilter widget?  Use case: I have a list of names assigned to orders. If there is no name assigned to the order, the entry in the column remains empty and a button is displayed to assign a name. I want to give the customer the possibility to filter for unassigned orders (empty entries) to assign them. Does anyone have a tip for me on how to implement this UseCase without having to assign a value to the empty entries (this would lead to errors in many logics)? Many thanks in advance! Greetings  Fynn  
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to achieve it you will have to fetch your data using OQL and make a Filter Empty button on top of grid and as it click call same microflow and pass input parameter variable set it value empty and pass to OQL WHERE Condition like WHERE name=empty OR email=empty 

also make sure your grid should be refresh every second to show updated/ filtered record according your condition

conditions as many as you want 


another option is also using Xpath constraint but it will not be dynamically.. [you can use two data grid also but not professional way so go for OQL first option]