User-specific Column in Data Grid

I currently have a “selected” attribute for my object, which contains the information, whether a user selected it to be included in a graph. The problem is that if multiple users were to use the application at the same time, they would modify each others choice of objects. I would like to have this “selected” attribute user specific, so that each user only can modify and see their choice of objects. I thought about this for some time but can’t find a solution and thus would be very thankful if someone could help me out here :)
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Hey there,

What i think you could do is the following:

  1. have a seperate entity for the selected option (SelectEntity)
    1. Every grid entity can have multiple select entities
      1. GridEntity 1 – * SelectEntity
    2. The SelectEntity has an association to the user
      1. SelectEntity * – 1 UserEntity
    3. within the datagrid you can retrieve the selectentity that is associated to both the gridentity and currentuser.
      1. Make sure with the creation of these entities that you ensure there is always only 1 SelectEntity per combination of user and gridEntity
    4. Now you can have selectables specific per user