Need editable field in List view.

Hi Team, I wanted to design the below table. where one field  should be editable and In last column I will be having one collapse button on click of that one more grid I wanted show. which flow I should use. please suggest.  
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Hi Priyanka,
You can click the Editable Checkbox in the list view Properties pane. This will make your list view Editable. Now place a text box in your List view and make sure to commit the object when changing the values.

For your Second Use case, you can place a button and place another listview or Datagrid beneath your list view Attributes.

You should Add a boolean value to the parent entity, OnClick of the button call a nanoflow and Change the boolean Value. The Child Grid/List view should be placed inside a Container with the visibility which changes on Clicking the button.  . Do not commit the Object while changing the boolean value.

There is Another option, you can create NP with a boolean attribute. The parent list view will contain a dataview with Datasource which creates the Np object. Now you can follow the same process I have followed Above.  The only fallback with this approach is Ds Microflow will be triggered N times. N=Number of objects in the grid.