Auto expanding list inputs

Hello Everyone, Apologies if this question has been asked before, but I couldn’t find anything related to it here. I am trying to make an automatically-expanding list, where the user can input details of, for example, a person’s address and occupation, and then press a button (or, done automatically) to add that person, which would cause another row to appear below that person. For example, think of booking a restaurant table, and you have the option of adding (potentially infinite) extra customers to the booking. Any help greatly appreciated – thanks.
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Hi Matthew ,

You can show a list of people on your page. You can call a microflow by adding a button to the bottom of this list. You have to create a new customer for this reservation in microflow as in your example. If you call your list on the page through the association of the Reservation, every person you add will be automatically added to your page. I added some photos below to make it more clear .