Is the length and format of the $currentSession/sessionId string always the same?

Title. In my experience, the $currentSession/sessionId string is always 36 characters long. Is that indeed the case, or is the length of the string variable? Also, is the format always the same (8,4,4,4,12 characters all separated by dashes) or is there variance in that as well? Use case: I want to add the $currentSession/sessionId in REST requests (used as trace ID), but some services I need only accept strings of a certain length (32 in this case) in that particular field, so I want to remove all (4) the dashes so the resulting string is the correct length.
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I believe they are standard UUID / GUIDs, so always in that format.

You should be safe to remove the ‘-’ characters as they are just used for spacing between the parts. 

Hope this helps.