How to configure drop down list

Hi all,   How to configure drop down list in Course page title filed,   Ex, when i am select title filed it show dropdown  Java Mendix Python   Thanks  Prakash
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Hi Prakash,


You can create a Course attribute with ENUM type. Create ENUM named ENUM_Course  with values Java, Mendix and Python.


or you can maintain master data for course which can be modified, created or deleted only by Admin 



Hi Prakash G,
As Steffy Mentioned, you can create a Master Entity that contains Course-name. Create 1-* many associations from your Entity B to the course entity. Use reference Selector to Select the course in your Form.

Note: If the courses are Predefined and do not change in the future, you could use enumeration in the same Entity, but if the course increase in time, the best solution is to go for the Master entity.