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Hi, i have a dashboard page where it has search button . after selecting few values in dropdown and  onclcik of search button i am getting my records. when i try to go to the particular record page  from that particular record page, i have to go back to my dashboard page, then it should show me the searched records which i got previousl. but in my case it is not showing me the records and just giving me empty dropdowns.   if anyone knows how to do this kindly help me in this.   Thanks, Srihitha.
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Hello Srihitha,


  • Create a search history entity and associate it with the account entity.
  • When you perform the search action on a page and persist the search fields value for the page and associate it with the Account entity of the logged-in user
  • When coming back again to the previous page, fetch the search history information from the logged-in account association 
  • Set the search fields, fetch the records based on search fields, and navigate to the respective page.  



How are you accessing the dashboard when you visit it the second time? Do you directly navigate to it?

If so, you should try to close the pages that have been opened after visiting it for the first time instead of navigating to it.