Adding Multilanguage from Mendix app to Studio Pro settings

I am working on one Starter application project which we are providing as a Starter Template which includes different modules which are commonly used by the developers within our company while creating a new application. So in this Starter app I’m providing Multilanguage as a module by selecting that from the template, that developer will get the language selection option from the template UI so on selection of German language that language should get added to his/her application’s studio pro language settings. Is there any way to do this i:e adding a language from Mendix app to the studio pro settings? If I’m able to do this then the same needs to be done for Batch translate the text from one language to other. Thanks In Advance!
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Hi Shubham Thanekar,

Yes, it is possible to add multiple languages to our application, you could add them in the settings → Language tab.



Hope this helps!