How to Migrate Mendix Project ?

I have plan to migrate Mendix Pro v9.0.5 project to Mendix Pro v9.9.2, Please anyone guide how we can handle Project Migration? I don’t want to loose my work.
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To make sure that you do not lose any of your work, all you need to be able to revert to 9.0.5 is the latest 9.0.5 code and a 9.0.5 backup-database. So first:

  • Commit and deploy your 9.0.5-version
  • In sprintr create a backup (or just wait a day for the daily backup to be created)

Then open your project in 9.9.2 (although I recommenc 9.12.4, since that is the current highest LTS), save and commit. Deploy to a test-environment and test it until you are confident that no problems arise. Then deploy to production.

Mind you: once your production-version is live, going back to 9.0.5 is almost always not possible without losing all the data-changes since going live with 9.9.2. That’s why you need to do the tests beforehand.

  • Open the Mendix Modeler version 9.9.2 and click on Open App Locally 


  • Search the Mendix Project and select .mpr file from the project folder

  • Convert in-place pop-up will be appeared and click on the ‘Convert in-place’ button to migrate the version
  • Project will get converted and will be opened
  • Run the application and make sure all your functionalities are working well and the app store widgets used in the application are working fine. Kind of sanity testing from your end. 

Note: The above screenshots are with different Mendix versions. Make sure you’re opening with Mendix version 9.9.2

Hope this helps you!



just open your mendix project in mendix studio pro 9.9.2, a popup should appear asking you to convert the project, click yes.

Then you just need to test your project to be sure everything is working as before.