hide separate container if list is empty

i have a container with an icon and a header and i also have a list view underneath. i want to hide the container if the list is empty. however i cannot put this container in the list view because then it would repeat with every list item. i tried wrapping in a dataview and using the “listen to” feature but it didn’t work when i tried to put the conditional visibility using an expressing that includes != empty (because i want it visible if the list isn’t empty)   does anybody have any idea on how to achieve this?
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Hi Corina,

You can follow Javith's idea or you can use 



1) download this widget and place it in your container.

2) create a microflow and set it in the widget. If the microflow returns true ,container will be visible and if it is false, container will be hidden.


Hope this helps!



Hi corina lopez

Create on NP helper entity with boolean attribute, warp your container with data view and set data source as microflow,

in that microflow check your list is empty or not  based on that create object for NP helper and set the value for the boolean and return the object, based on the boolean value set visible foe your container.