How to create a product sales page.

Hi! I'm new to the platform. I'm a few days creating a system to collect customer orders. I know that I have to have two Entities and have some relationship with the customer and product entities. I'm not able to do a Master Detail. I've searched here but haven't found it.
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Hi valci Mariano,

You can always create your Own pages and map the entities manually and give Access roles accordingly.

For example- you can create an Overview page for Product (Product_Overview) and an Edit page to Add/Update Products( Product_NewEdit). 
With this approach, you will have to create the Form structure by yourself and you will have control over it. 


Another Approach let Mendix create pages for you. Right-click on the Entity and select Generate Overview Page.  This will create Pages for you and all the attributes will be populated by default. 

Hope it helps!!!



The page would have more or less this layout.