How to remove the blank space from dropdown list?

Hi, I am creating the List taking input from the user as Name and Status as Active & Inactive and saving the details. When the user Selects Active as the status then it is adding in the list of drop down, this works as expected. And when the user is selecting the Status as Inactive then is should not reflect in the list and it is also working fine but for Inactive users it takes the blank spaces as Inactive users increases in the DB. I want to remove that blank space from the drop down. Can Any one help me with this?
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Hii chaitali Gangane 

constraint your data In Xpath with in selectable Tab in refrence selector tab   [StateName!=empty and StateName!=' '] condition here my attribute is StateName so change with your Attribute Name in same condition 

i am attaching a screenshot for your better uderstandig 



Hi chaitali,

I guess you are using a reference selector, if that is so, In selectable object ,use microflow and in that prepare a list with name(attribute that you are showing)!=empty and name!=’’


Hope this helps!